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An Open Letter To College Friend I Miss cover image

An Open Letter To College Friend I Miss

Reminiscing college days, cherishing unique friendship, and coping with its loss; a heartfelt message to an old friend.


I hope this letter finds you well. It's been a while since we last caught up, and I've been thinking a lot about our college days.

I was reminded of the way we used to greet each other - with high-fives, inside jokes, and endless movie quotes. Those moments were the highlight of my day, and they always brought laughter and absurdity into our lives. I miss those times.

Remember the adventures we had? Our first trip to IIT Bombay's Techfest, which was nothing short of a thrilling expedition. It was our inaugural adventure into the world outside campus. We got a new found motivation to study seeing girls were allowed to visit boys hotel lol. The air buzzed with the excitement of fashion shows, and musical concerts at night was electric. We made new friends, including some friendly B-boying boys. Those connections we forged at the Techfest still bring a smile to my face.

Our college days also consisted of numerous late-night study sessions, fueled by caffeine and snacks. I enjoyed our 1 hour gossiping & Maggi hunting at hotel's terrace. Spotting each senior possible to get some more Maggi. These were more than mere study sessions. They were the anchor of our academic journey. We'd get notes from DC++ for some faceless senior who have share it over the intranet. I remember trying to predict the questions we might face on our way to the exam centers which because of research bumped atleast 1 grade in each exams. Loved those last minutes exchanges always.

As we reminisce, it's clear that our friendship was unique, unconventional, and irreplaceable. I thought I could preserve it with pictures, letters, videos, recipes, and all those inside jokes. Sometimes, I find myself looking at your Facebook profile picture, and it fills my heart with good memories. Now, all I have are memories, with the bittersweet realization that we won't create any more. Some days feel longer and sadder because I can't share them with you. I miss you.

I've hoped, every single day, that you'd reach out to me. A simple phone call or a text – just one would mean the world. I've wished that you valued our friendship as much as I do. Part of me wishes you're as sad as I am to see it fall apart. I just want to hear that you miss me too.

Reality has set in, and I know we can't turn back time. Too much has changed, and our worlds have shifted drastically. I still have those pictures, letters, and videos, but they're tucked away now. I've come to accept that there won't be any more. When a friendship shines as brightly as ours did, other connections often seem dim in comparison. I carry the charge of our friendship in me, and I've learned to be my own light. People are drawn to me like moths to a flame. And then...

I won't miss you.

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Parul Seth Parul Seth
Oct. 30, 2023


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