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Why You Should Never Skip Open Networking Time In Meetups cover image

Why You Should Never Skip Open Networking Time In Meetups

Open networking is a pivotal stage in any meetup or event where attendees have the opportunity to freely mingle and connect with others. It's a designated time for individuals to engage in casual conversations, exchange business cards, and foster meaningful relationships within the professional community.

The Importance of Open Networking

At its essence, meetups serve as platforms for forging connections. Yet, for many, the prospect of engaging in conversations with strangers can be intimidating. Fortunately, the open networking stage offers a welcoming atmosphere conducive to breaking the ice. Whether you're in search of career prospects, new friends, potential project collaborators, or simply companionship, this phase lays the groundwork for meaningful relationships. Networking not only expands your social capital but also fosters personal growth. Through active participation, you gain access to fresh opportunities and engage in dialogue with a diverse array of individuals, thus exposing yourself to new perspectives and ideas. This stage of meetups gently encourages attendees to overcome inhibitions and venture beyond their comfort zones, fostering interactions with others. Following initial conversations, it's perfectly acceptable to extend invitations for future hangouts.

Key Strategies for Effective Open Networking

1. Always Carry Business Cards

Business cards are your ticket to making a lasting impression during open networking sessions. Ensure that your cards are professionally designed and include essential contact information such as your name, job title, company, and email address. Handing out your business card demonstrates professionalism and makes it easy for others to follow up with you after the event.

2. Approach with Genuine Interest

When engaging in open networking, focus on connecting authentically rather than solely promoting yourself or your business. This is a test of your interpersonal skills. Approach conversations with curiosity and actively listen to what others have to say. Ask insightful questions, share relevant experiences, and showcase your expertise in a way that adds value to the conversation. You might find people who share same hobbies or interest like you. You could understand what they do beyond work and might find many things in common.

3. Follow Up After the Event

The true power of open networking lies in the follow-up. Team Moment dived into how you can move to next level of friendship with follow ups. After the event, take the time to reconnect with individuals you met and continue nurturing those relationships. Send personalized follow-up emails or LinkedIn messages expressing your gratitude for the conversation and suggesting ways to stay in touch. Building a strong network requires ongoing effort and investment in maintaining relationships over time.

View the open networking segment of meetups as a prime opportunity for making friends, forging connections, personal growth and uncovering new possibilities. Approach the open networking phase with eagerness and an open-minded attitude. You might just find yourself encountering remarkable individuals and stumbling upon unforeseen opportunities. So, don't hesitate to dive in and let the networking process unfold its potential before you.

Team Moment Team Moment
May 14, 2023


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