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How To Make Friends In Your 30s: Overcoming the Challenge cover image

How To Make Friends In Your 30s: Overcoming the Challenge

In this blog, we'll explore the challenges of making friends in your 30s, including work and family commitments, and why it's crucial for your happiness and personal growth. Plus, we'll offer some valuable tips to overcome these challenges.

Studies reveal a surprising statistic: we tend to lose about half of our friends every seven years. As the years pile up, so do responsibilities—partners, kids, careers, and caring for aging parents. Socializing, sadly, often slides down the priority ladder.

The silver lining? Growing your social circle is entirely achievable, regardless of your age. In this guide, we'll unravel the secrets of meeting people in your 30s.

Weekend Hangouts with Colleagues

Don't limit your interactions with colleagues to just the workplace. Taking the initiative to hang out with them during weekends can lead to deeper friendships. Whether it's a casual brunch or a movie night, spending time together outside of work can strengthen your bond.

To initiate these hangouts, simply approach your colleagues and propose the idea. If you're unsure about what activities to suggest, look up "weekend hangout ideas with colleagues" to get inspiration from various sources.

Example: Let's say you've found a list of weekend hangout ideas for colleagues. You could use Google to search for "fun weekend activities with colleagues" and explore options like visiting a local amusement park, going for a group hike, or organizing a potluck dinner.

Connecting with Other Parents

If you have children, connecting with other parents can be a fantastic way to form new friendships. Attend school events, PTA meetings, or children's activities, and strike up conversations with fellow parents. You might find someone going through similar experiences and looking for companionship.

To find parenting groups or events in your locality, use search terms like "parenting meetups near me" or "parent support groups in [your area]." Online communities and local family-oriented websites can also provide valuable information.

Example: is a great platform to find parenting groups. You can search for "parenting" and specify your location. will display various parenting groups and events in your area, allowing you to connect with other parents.

Joining Clubs and Groups

One effective way to make new friends is by joining clubs or groups that align with your interests. Whether it's a book club, a hiking group, or a cooking class, shared hobbies provide an excellent platform to connect with like-minded individuals.

To find clubs or groups in your area, search for specific interests on Google. For example, if you love hiking, search for "hiking groups near [your location]." You'll likely find local organizations or meetup groups where you can meet potential friends.

Example: Moment App can be a fantastic resource for finding locals people & groups. Let's say you're interested in hiking. You can open the app, type "hiking" in the search bar, your location is auto-detected. Moment app will then list hiking meets in your area, along with details and you can join them by sending a request.

Group Meetups and Travels

Participating in group meetups or travel expeditions can expose you to a diverse set of people. Traveling with a group offers ample opportunities to bond over shared experiences and create lasting friendships.

To find group travel options, you can search for "group travel packages" or "group travel experiences" online. Many travel agencies and websites organize group trips for various interests and age groups.

Example: If you're interested in group travel experiences, you can use Moment App to find a group or search on Google "group travel adventures" or "group travel experiences for adults." This will provide you with various travel options where you can meet new people. There are many facebook groups too but soon they become a place of spams.

Engaging in Social Hobbies

Engage in social hobbies such as painting classes, dance workshops, or volunteer activities. Not only do these hobbies allow you to explore your interests, but they also provide a social setting to meet new people.

To discover social hobby options, search for "social hobby classes near me" or "volunteer opportunities in [your area]." Websites like often list various hobby-related events happening in your city.

Example: Using Moment App, you can search for hobbies you're interested in, like "painting classes" or "dance workshops". Our app will display a list of upcoming events related to your chosen hobbies in your area.

Saying Yes to Invitations

Be open to new experiences and say yes to invitations, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. Accepting invites to events, gatherings, or parties can lead to unexpected friendships and meaningful connections.

To put this into practice, start by accepting invites from acquaintances or colleagues. If you're uncertain about how to respond to an invitation, search for "how to politely accept an invitation" for etiquette tips and advice.

Getting Comfortable with Rejection

Overcoming the fear of rejection is crucial in your journey to making new friends. Not every attempt to connect will succeed, and that's okay. Embrace rejection as a stepping stone towards finding the right people and building authentic relationships.

To understand and cope with the fear of rejection, search for "how to overcome fear of rejection" or "dealing with rejection in friendships." Many articles and self-help resources are available online to guide you through this process.

Making friends in your 30s may require a bit more effort, but the rewards are well worth it. By stepping out of your comfort zone, engaging in social activities, and staying open to new connections, you can enrich your life with meaningful friendships.

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April 30, 2023


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