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Levels of Friendship

Ever wondered how your friendships blossom? This guide explores the Levels of Friendship, from acquaintances to practically family, providing insights to strengthen these bonds.

In the last blog, we learnt How to be a good friend. But have you ever wondered if there are levels of friendship? Do these level actually change? If yes, when? Building on that foundation, we now delve into the Levels of Friendship, deciphering the layers that define the spectrum of social bonds.

Level 1: The Acquaintance - A Passing Glimpse

These are the faces we acknowledge in passing, our courteous nods and friendly smiles creating a veneer of connection. Brief and surface-level, these interactions often occur in common spaces like workplaces or elevators. Discussions, if any, are limited to basic pleasantries – the weather, or current events.

Level 2: The Occasional Chat - Nurturing Familiarity

With increased frequency in interactions, a sense of familiarity emerges. Conversations transition beyond mere greetings, exploring shared interests or hobbies. "Hi, how are you?" transforms into discussions about upcoming events or weekend plans. While still casual, this level lays the foundation for potential friendship.

Level 3: Discovering Common Ground - Moment experience

Meaningful conversations lead to the discovery of shared interests. Whether it's a mutual love for a specific band, a Netflix series, or a local hiking trail, these commonalities form a springboard for deeper discussions. The connection transcends superficiality, fostering a sense of shared understanding.

Level 4: Shared Goals and Dreams - Personal Bonds Evolve

A significant shift occurs as friendship enters this level. Beyond shared interests, a connection on a more personal level is established. Conversations become intimate, delving into hopes, fears, and vulnerabilities. Trust and understanding blossom as individuals realize their alignment in life goals and aspirations.

Level 5: Practically Family - The Pinnacle of Friendship

Cherished individuals who feel like an extension of one's family characterize this level. The bond is deep and enduring, marked by unwavering support, unconditional love, and a shared history. In these friendships, authenticity thrives without the fear of judgment, providing a safe haven and a source of comfort and strength.

Navigating the Friendship Levels: When and How?

Leveling Up:

  • Level 1 to 2: Increased frequency of interactions and familiarity.
  • Level 2 to 3: Meaningful conversations revealing shared interests.
  • Level 3 to 4: Transition from common interests to shared life goals.
  • Level 4 to 5: Evolving into practically family, characterized by enduring bonds, meeting each others family or sharing a house(co-living or college dorm).

Leveling Down:

  • Level 4 to 3: A divergence in personal aspirations or goals.
  • Level 3 to 2: Diminished frequency in interactions, leading to a more casual connection.
  • Level 2 to 1: Shift to a new project. Many colleagues face this when there were chances that they could have leveled up

When Geography Intervenes

While leveling down from Level 1 is not applicable, changing one's place of residence renders these connections null and void. Interestingly, Level 5 friendships remain resilient despite external factors.

The Unaffected Level 5

Unlike other levels, Level 5 friendships are almost impervious to external influences, standing as a testament to their enduring nature.

In our upcoming blog, we will provide insightful examples on cultivating friendships at each level. Additionally, we will explore how the Moment app serves as a catalyst in fostering Level 3 friendships – a crucial starting point for nurturing lifelong connections.

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March 26, 2023


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