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Navigating Unwanted Chats on Moment cover image

Navigating Unwanted Chats on Moment

Team Moment lay's down a simple template to help you disengage your way from people who are not interested in your Moment!

We get it – you get your match on Moment, initially drawn together by the promise of shared activity. However, as the conversation unfolds, you find yourself in a seemingly endless and sometimes unwanted chat that strays far from the very activity that brought you together in the first place. These situations can be a bit perplexing, you want those chats to be enriching, fun, and centered around the activities you're passionate about. So, let's explore some effective ways to ensure your chats stay focused and enjoyable, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for Moment activities.

1. Genuine Interest Check

Begin by steering the conversation towards your common interest: the love for outdoor activities. Politely inquire about their recent experiences or what excites them about it. This gently reminds them of the initial connection while keeping the conversation relevant.


I noticed we both share a love for hiking. Have you been on any exciting trails lately?

2. Polite Redirect

If the conversation veers off-topic repeatedly, gently steer it back by expressing your passion for the activity. This can act as a polite reminder of why you're here - to connect over your shared love for outdoor activities.


I'm really passionate about Moment activities, and I'd love to hear more about your experiences with them.

3. Honest Communication

If the person continues to chat about unrelated topics, it's okay to be honest but polite. Explain that you joined Moment to connect with like-minded individuals for outdoor adventures. Honesty is always the best policy.


I joined Moment to focus on my love for outdoor activities and make friends who share that passion. I hope you understand.

4. Different Paths

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the conversation may not align with your interests. In this case, it's okay to express that you feel your paths are different. It's important to be respectful and wish them well.


It's been nice chatting, but it seems our interests and goals are leading us in different directions. I wish you all the best on your journey.

5. Blocking as a Last Resort

Blocking should be a last resort. Only consider it if the person continues to disregard your expressed interests and boundaries despite your attempts to redirect the conversation. Prioritize respectful communication before taking such a step.


I've tried to steer the conversation towards our common interest in outdoor activities, but it seems we're not on the same page. I think it's best if we both move on. Take care.


Learning to end conversations nicely could be straight-forward on Moment. Help them see what your intentions to use Moment were and that banter is not your thing. We trust, engaging in conversations within the Moment community should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Utilizing these communication strategies can help ensure that your interactions remain aligned with your shared passion for outdoor activities.

Next time you chat with someone on Moment and it stretches, try using one of our friendly ways to say goodbye! See if you can make it work.

Team Moment Team Moment
Feb. 19, 2023


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