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Making Friends When You're New In Town

Explore expert insights on making friends when you're new in town. Discover the secrets to social connections, overcome shyness, and build lasting friendships.

Embarking on a new chapter in a different city brings with it the exciting prospect of forging new connections. If you've recently relocated or are about to, you're likely encountering one of the most common hurdles: establishing friendships in unfamiliar surroundings. This scenario is not uncommon for the majority of adults navigating through modern cities; it's a recurring experience that often unfolds throughout adulthood.

When it comes to cultivating companionship in a new city, the crucial first step is to set your mindset on the right track. Instead of viewing it as a daunting and overwhelming challenge, consider it an exhilarating adventure teeming with possibilities. Embrace the latter perspective, and you'll find that the journey of making friends becomes an exciting exploration rather than a nerve-wracking ordeal.

Before you move to your new city

Before making the leap to your new city, lay the groundwork for success by proactively reaching out. Prior to your arrival, tap into your existing network of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, and inquire if they have any connections in your soon-to-be home. Leverage these introductions as a chance to meet potential new friends with a positive and open-minded attitude.

As you seek these connections, cast a wide net. Research indicates that many of our pivotal opportunities, be it in terms of employment, friendships, or relationships, stem from our more distant connections rather than our closest associates. Why is this the case? Well, those closest to us often share similar information. So, what are "loose ties"? These are individuals in your network with whom you share a friendly rapport but don't interact with regularly – perhaps the people you chat with at yoga class but haven't spent time with outside, or former coworkers you catch up with only occasionally. These loose ties possess access to different people and opportunities, serving as gateways to new possibilities and connections that can significantly enrich your journey in the new city.

Once you’re in your new city

Alright, now that you're settling into your new town – most of the boxes unpacked, the go-to pizza place identified – it's time to build your circle of friends! Here are three key tips to help you on your quest:

1) Be invitational

When you come across someone you genuinely connect with – whether it's your Gym fellow, a friendly face in a shop or cafe, a neighbor, or even a fellow commuter at your bus stop – take the initiative to invite them to hang out again. Recognizing that some may feel hesitant about one-on-one gatherings, opt for a group hangout. Bring multiple individuals together to enjoy music, share potluck snacks, and savor simple beverages.

It's not about the specifics of what you serve; the essence lies in the intention of fostering new friendships and creating a sense of togetherness. By orchestrating these casual get-togethers, you not only break down social barriers but also cultivate a communal atmosphere that encourages lasting connections.

2) Be participatory

Discover the pulse of your local community by exploring upcoming events and gatherings in your area, then seize the opportunity to attend. Dress in something that exudes fun and don your friendliest attitude. Platforms like or a simple Google search for "moments in [your city]" can be excellent resources. Consider joining Art Walks and Gallery Walks, where the shared experience of exploring art becomes a fantastic conversation starter.

At these events, If you connect with someone you'd like to see again ask if the belong to any Moment Circle that you can be part of. Moment circles are group of like-minded people who have met once and want to stay connected in more opt-in privacy centric manner.

Circles often are aligned with your office, your tech park, your educational institute or hobbies, skills, or interests. Moment facilitate connections with people who share your passions, making it easier to schedule regular meetups & hangouts. Whether it's art groups, weekly board game nights, trekking group, or knitting circles, these communities offer a shared foundation for building meaningful connections.

3) Be experimental

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting, but slipping into your metaphorical courage pants opens up a world of thrilling possibilities. The willingness to experiment with different moments will make you find the right one. Sometimes you get to know their next weekend's plan and can ask to hop-in. Remember new city calls for new moments.

Utilize the power of Moment app's reach to draw in curious individuals. Craft an enticing message like "Free Friendly Conversation on Saturday from 2-4pm near [xyz]" and watch as people send requests to join your engaging rendezvous.

🧡 Moment App - Your Invitation to Town's Vibrant Community 🌈

Download & use Moment app if you are new to town. Moment invites you to a world where friendship knows no bounds. 🌍 Embrace the spirit of being invitational by extending a hand to new connections. Be participatory in the diverse activities the app offers, and most importantly, be experimental in forging connections that go beyond the digital realm.

The common struggle of forging friendships in a new town resonates with millions of adults, and here's a comforting thought: your new friends and neighbors were once in your shoes! The beauty of being the newcomer lies in the fresh energy you bring. It's an opportunity to play the role of the catalyst, bringing people together through unconventional invitations and injecting a breath of fresh air into your block or neighborhood.

If you've been itching to explore different facets of your personality, now is the ideal moment to experiment. The beauty of meeting new people is that they don't have a point of reference; the "You" you present is the only version they know. So, embrace this chance to showcase varied sides of yourself and let the vibrant, new energy you bring become the glue that binds your budding friendships.

Best of luck from Team Moment

Team Moment Team Moment
March 12, 2023


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