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Reconnecting with the World: Moment's Journey Post-Pandemic cover image

Reconnecting with the World: Moment's Journey Post-Pandemic

In the post-pandemic world, use Moment to explore your interests and connect with people nearby. Discover a treasure chest of friendships today!

As we sit down to write this, it's been a little over two months since Moment reopened the doors to the world. Life had taken a strange turn, and we found ourselves isolated, stuck in our own bubbles. But now, slowly and cautiously, everyone is stepping out into the sunlight once again. It's the post-pandemic world, and it's time to embrace it.

People's realization in pandemic

The pandemic that swept across the globe forced us all into isolation, physically separating us from our friends, family, and communities. During those trying times, we came face to face with the stark reality of human existence - the need for connection.

As the world went into lockdown, we retreated into our homes, and our physical worlds shrank. We could no longer gather for dinners, celebrate birthdays, or simply chat over a cup of coffee. The bustling streets became eerily quiet, and the laughter of friends felt like a distant memory.

But as we grappled with the challenges of isolation, we turned to the digital realm to bridge the gap. Social media, video calls, and messaging apps became our lifelines, allowing us to maintain some semblance of connection. Yet, something was missing. We craved authentic conversations that went beyond likes. A genuine space for connections.

Potential of Connections Around Us

We need to remind yourselves that meaningful connections are often closer than we think. For 2 people to connect they need something common to break the ice with. It's time to recognize the wealth of opportunities for connection within small radius around us. This is basis of Moment, finding something common to do & finding someone around to do it with.

Welcome to Moment

Moment is in its early stage was open to a select few who are helping us shape its future. We're fine-tuning the code, designing a product that's user-friendly, and gathering invaluable feedback from our initial users. It's a journey we're taking together, with quality at the forefront.

The heart of Moment beats with the spirit of bonding over activity you love to do. We believe that everyone has a tiny voices in their head to pursue passion. Our aim is to make Moment a platform for all, where anyone can suggest a hangout plan and find like-minded people.

Embracing the Post-Pandemic World

As we navigate this post-pandemic world, we have a choice. We can go back to the noise, to the chaos of social media, or we can carve out a space for our interests. Moment is that space, the third place, a place away from home and away from work where you meet new people, where your inner voice finds its audience.

Welcome to Moment, where common interests find their home in the digital age. It's time to reconnect with the outside world, one activity at a time.

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Team Moment Team Moment
Jan. 23, 2023


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