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What We Learned Building Moment (So Far) cover image

What We Learned Building Moment (So Far)

We’re now four months re-launching Moment post-pandemic. The most lovely part about building a product is when it gains traction. With moment though all our pre-pandemic users had fizzled out, we ran a paid ads campaign to solve the cold-start problem and the response has been even better than before pandemic. This glitters our eyes with hope again & love we got from the users is amazing. These new users have helped us compile a backlog of things we could do & we are very excited. Yes, we’re still in the nascent stages. We haven’t tested thesis outside India yet or tried to grow, or, certainly, proven we have product/market fit.

Still, it’s been educational. Here's a glimpse into what we've learned so far:

1. Make user-journey simple

In our app, our team kept things refreshingly simple. A textbox for you to invite others to join you for what you had like to do in 3 or more words to deliver clear, singular value ie inviting people to join you.

2. Groups become dead quite fast

Moment started with a simple premise: connecting people over common interests for real-life meetups. Yet it does not have groups simply because an inactive group is a place no one wants to post. Case in point: our users after meeting from Moment created Whatsapp group to share ideas for next meetups but never did.

3. IRL and weather go hand in hand

Good weather + right push from notifications = more moments.

After we discovered it, it became dead obvious to us but we really saw this in-actions from our notification to more created stats.

4. iOS app store search sucks

iOS's app store's app discovery experience is shitty. If you don't pay them you won't rank in results. We were so excited to show our iOS friends what we made but even after selecting the full app name from auto-suggestion of search bar, we had to scroll 50+ result to get our app. That was so very embarrassing.

Got tips for ASO for iOS or wanna help us rank better? Shoot us an email on [email protected] 🙏

5. Set launch date to get the pace

Timing is everything We've discovered that setting clear goals and deadlines helps us priortize. Moment's re-launch in mid-December didn't just happen; it was a deliberate decision to capture the people aiming to pursue new hobbies/interests in new year in 2024. Setting a date pushed us to make tough choices and prioritize what truly mattered! Launching back 🚀

Moment will grow into something more than a 1-1 interest based connection app. As we continue to build, we invite you to stay tuned and be part of our evolving story. Together, we'll explore the boundless possibilities of real-life connections, one Moment at a time.

Download the app peeps!

Make more moments and find more like-minded friends.

Team Moment Team Moment
April 2, 2023


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